[Hiroshima] "Idol Koshien in Hiroshima Quattro" supported by Nama-mail

It's been a long time since the last live concert of TOKYO GIRL'S STYLE in Hiroshima! Those who live near Hiroshima, please come!

[Hiroshima] "Idol Koshien in Hiroshima Quattro" supported by Nama-mail

Date: January 11th, 2015 (SUN)
OPEN/ START: 11:00am/ 11:30am
※Tokyo Joshi Ryu will be on stage around 16:30.
※Special benefit on CD booking will be update soon. The benefit meeting is scheduled from 17:20 to 18:20.

lyrical school
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Ticket information:Advance 4,000 yen / Performance day 4,500 yen
During entrance, the fee for 1 drink is required
Age limit/Ticket quantity limit
A ticket is required for age above 3

Organizer:Idol Koushien
Backup:Nama Mail
Inquiry:Rednose Corporation (03-6240-9271)

Ticket Sale begins:
December 7th 2014
Ticket agencies
Rakuten Ticket

[Advance reservation for Nama Mail members]
10:00 A.M. Sunday December 7th 2014
[Advance reservation at ticket agencies]
10:00 A.M. Sunday December 14th 2014
[General ticket sales]
10:00 A.M. Sunday December 21st 2014

■Special benefit on CD booking at venue.
For those who booked the new single "Title Unknown" launching on March 11, we offer special gift on site "Handshake Event Ticket ~Idol Koushien in Hiroshima Quatro" in order on the day.

CD booking will starts (planned): 17:20 until the end of the handshake event.
*Please ask for more detail information about the starting time of booking at site on the day.
*The starting time of booking will be changed depending on the situations of the site on the day.
*CD booking with "Handshake Event Ticket" will finish along with the closing of the event.

Handshake Event Time (planned): 17:20~18:20
*The event time will be changed depending on the situations of the site on the day.
*The event will be closed when the queue stops.

Please keep the attentions described below on the day.
Once irregular behavior or those who do not follow instructions of staff members are found, the event will be terminated or the staff will ask you to leave the venue.
To put safety of customers and performers first, we might ask participants of the event to check or keep your baggage for the purpose of reinforce the security.
Please understand that those who are not cooperative on described above might be refused to join the event.

Additionally, it is banned to offer any kinds of gift and fan letters directly to the performers on the day.
We will not set a present box at the venue, so please send the gift to the following mailing address.

〒107-0062 1-30 avex building, Minami Aoyama 3, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TOKYO GIRL'S STYLE official fan club Astalight✳︎
In charge of fan letter
※If you send a fan letter, please write your own "address", "name" and embers hip number" if you are a member of the fan club.

※There are cases when handshake event will finish even if there are customers waiting for their turn because of the place's circumstances.
※If you have some pieces of paper to participate handshake event and join after 2nd time, you have to queue up on the end of queue again.
*Please make sure not to ask any questions to the venue
*It is restricted to keep your seats with your stuffs or sit-in actions. Please follow our staff members when they ask you to move the place.
*Handshake Event Ticket will not be reissued at any case (including theft or loss)
*Handshake Event Ticket is valid only on the date and time suggested.
*It is strictly prohibited photography, recording, video recording of the performers.
*The numbers of CD for booking and Handshake Event Tickets are limited. Please kindly understand that it will be closed when we run out of them.
*The payment will be by cash only. Credit card is not accepted.
*The whole payment should be done when you book the items.
*Booked items are available at the Tower Record Hiroshima Store after the release date.
Delivery service is also available. Please ask detail information at the CD selling booth on the day.
*Booked CD items are not refundable. We will exchange for quality goods in case of defectives.
*In case you participate in the event with children of 3-year-old and above, you need to have another ticket for them.
※Please do not stay up all night at the place because that kind of behavior will be trouble for neighborhood.
※Transportation expenses and hotel charge and so on at that day will be customer's charge.

Contact information
Avex•Music•Creative Co., Ltd.
0570-064-414 (weekday 11:00〜18:00)