[Taiwan] KAWAII POP FES by@JAM×J-GIRL POP WAVE vol.4 in Taiwan 2015

Japanese culture launches in Asia!
Based upon "KAWAII" as a theme, which is about to become the global public term nowadays, the female artist groups in the news who are strictly selected from the country all get together at an overseas location!
This event, which was first held in Hong Kong in May 2013 and became very popular held its second event in Taiwan, then repeated back in Hong Kong in June of this year.
And following the last year's event, it will be held in Taiwan again in January 2015.
"@JAM" 's overseas performance attracts not only local visitors but only fans from nearby countries. Every time it is held, the success is bigger and bigger.
Also, for this event, a collaboration has been decided between Avex Music Creative who launched the "J-GIRL POP WAVE" event and Aru Aru City that manages the subculture center "Aru aru city" in Kokura (Fukuoka Prefecture).
This will be held with a powered up content never seen before.
Of course, every time we also hold a happy support tour for fans inside Japan.
The tour content is the same as usual until now, every performer will come with a plan thought thoroughly. Not only the live concert can be enjoyed but also the whole schedule.
Enjoy the start of 2015 with KAWAII POP FES !

The appearance of Tokyo girls' style has been decided at "KAWAII POP FES by@JAM×J-GIRL POP WAVE vol.4 in Taiwan 2015" !

Check for more details. Don't miss it!

Saturday, January 24th, 2015 [supported by J-GIRL POP WAVE]
Sunday, January 25th, 2015 [supported by @JAM]

Place: THE WALL Gongguan

Open/ Start time:
Open time will be announced soon. See belows for start time.

【 1SHOW 】
NTD1,200/ JPY4,500 1show only
【 1DAY 】
[24日] NTD2,800/ JPY10,000 3shows [save JPY 3,500!]
[25日] NTD3,800/ JPY14,000 4shows [save JPY 4,000!]
【 2DAY VIP 】
NTD6,400/ JPY23,000
7shows&7Greetings&Special Gift save JPY 8,500!]

General Release:
E +

Play Guide: Ticket blog

Performers: Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari) / GALETTe / Ebisu Private High School/ TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE / Tokyo performance doll / Dorothy Little Happy / PASSPO

Performance dates:
January 24 (Sat) - Performances by:
14:00 - Galette
17:00 - Dorothy Little Happy

January 25 (Sun) - Performances by:
12:00 - Tokyo Performance Doll
14:45 - Ebisu Private High School
17:30 - Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari)
20:00 - PASSPOX

Host : Zepp Live
Avex Music Creative
Aru Aru City Entertainment

Planning: @JAM
Production: Zepp Live/ THE WALL MUSIC

(Domestic Japan) Zepp Live Entertainment 03-5575-5170 (weekday 13:00- 17:00_
(Domestic Taiwan) THE WALL MUSIC

Official site:
Official tour:

KAWAII POP FES by@JAM×J-GIRL POP WAVE vol.4 in Taiwan 2015 Official observation tour
Date: January 24th 2015 (Saturday) ~ January 25th 2015 (Sunday)

Period of accepting an application
The "Official observation tour" whose characteristics is a special bonus including the sightseeing in Taiwan and seeing the rehearsal with the artists has received so many inquiries, and we decided to postpone the period of accepting an application to December 10th (Wednesday).
Why don't those who are hesitating to participating apply it?

Official Fan Tour Subscription
Subscription Period : Extended until December 10 (Wed) 15:00

- Includes Live tickets
- Meet and Greet
- Special fan events planning per artist

Let's enjoy a delicious and laid back lunch with the TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE in Taiwan! Will there also be a little game planning?