(Kanagawa) TOKYO GIRL'S STYLE "The Tandoku Vol. 1 (3-month performance series)"

Dates start from: 17 Jan 2015 (Sat)
Time: Doors open at 18:30 / Performance starts at 19:00
Venue: Kawasaki Club Citta
Ticket Price: Advance tickets 3000 yen (tax included)
*Additional drink fee on entry: 500 yen
*All-standing with admission according to ticket numbers

Ticket sales on performance day
Sale time: 13:30 onwards
Location: Day ticket sales booth
Ticket Price: 3500 yen (exclusive of drink fee)

CD Sales Booth
CD sale time: 11:00 onwards (planned)
At the venue on performance day, a bonus present will be given to those who have pre-ordered the applicable goods. These are available on first-come-first-serve basis.

Applicable Goods
- New single scheduled for release on 11 Mar 2015 (title to be confirmed)
(Type-A, Type-B and Type-C are all applicable)
*These are pre-order goods. Additionally, please note that full pre-payment is required.

Bonus Present
Those who have pre-ordered the applicable goods will receive one piece of either the "Final High Touch Meeting Participation Ticket - The Taiban Vol. 1 Ver. -" or "The Final High Touch Meeting Participation Ticket - The Tandoku Vol. 1 Ver. -". "Final High Touch Meeting Participation Ticket - The Taiban Vol. 1 Ver. -" and "The Final High Touch Meeting Participation Ticket - The Tandoku Vol. 1 Ver. -" are different tickets. High Touch meetings will be held after each of those performances respectively.

*The participation tickets for the meeting that occurs after the "The Taiban Vol. 1" performance will be given to those who have pre-order the applicable goods from 11:00 until the performance start time on the day of the performance.

Please note the following regarding the High Touch meetings
Please adhere to the following rules when attending the High Touch meetings.
In the event that the rules are not being followed, or the instructions from the staff are not being followed on event day, the High Touch meeting could be cancelled or offenders may be removed from the premises. We seek your kind understanding on this.
On event day, security will be strengthened and participants' bags will be checked in the interest of the safety of all participants and performers.
We seek your kind understanding that those who decline to comply may be refused entry into the meeting.
*Consumption of alcohol, the participation in the event while intoxicated and smoking outside of designated areas is prohibited.

Handing of presents and fan letters directly to the group members is strictly prohibited.

*We seek your understanding that the start times for the High Touch meetings and the CD sales may change without notice.
*Depending on circumstances at the venue, the High Touch meeting may end even if there are still customers waiting in line.
*For customers holding more than one participation ticket, kindly move to the back of the queue for your subsequent turns.
*Please refrain from making inquiries to the venue. This can cause the event to be cancelled.
*The holding of spaces in the event venue or within the facilities using bags and other belongs is prohibited. Please note that the you may be asked to move according to the staffs' instructions.
*Kindly note that participation tickets will not be reissued if missing (including loss or theft).
*The participation tickets are valid only for the date and time stated.
*All photography, sound recording and video recording is prohibited during the artistes' performances.
*Pre-orders at the venue on event day are payable by cash only. Kindly note that credit card and other forms of payment are not accepted.
*Refunds are not available. Defective goods will be replaced with new ones.
*Pre-ordered goods will be shipped. At that time, a separate shipping fee will be charged.
*In the case that you will be attending with a child above three years old, a separate participation ticket is required for the child.
*Please refrain from camping overnight at the event venue and other such behaviors as they can cause a disturbance to residents in the area. The event may be cancelled if such behavior is spotted.
*The customer is responsible for all travel and accommodation expenses on the day.
*In the event of a breakdown at the event venue, natural disasters, public transport strikes or other external issues, the performance may be cancelled if it is determined that it cannot go ahead.

Fan Club Booth
Booth Opening Time: 12:00 (planned)

New fan club registrations, membership upgrades and membership extensions will be accepted on event day.
There will also be a special project happening only at the event venue!
More details here

Streaming via USTREAM and TwitCasting
The performance will be broadcast live online.