J-GIRL POP WAVE is decided to be held in Japan!
Following co-hosting with KAWAII POP FES in Taiwan, it has been 4 months since we had that prototype LIVE!

Girls' group composed by girls having a strong desire to be an artist, good music and live performance, and challenging to make a new scene in J-GIRL POP.

Date: Sunday, Feb. 22, 2015
Hour: Door opens16:00/ Play17:00
Site: Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi
Performers: Tokyogirlsstyle/ Dorothy Little Happy/ GALETTe
Ticket price (all designated): 4,000yen (tax-included)
Rendition: Avex Music Creative
Partnership: Aruaru City Entertainment
Production: Odyssey
Contact: Odyssey 03-5444-6966 (Mon-Fri: 11:00~18:00)

■Pre-sale ticket on the official homepage
Application: starting from 12:00 January 16 (Friday) to 23:59 January 21 (Wednesday)

■CD reservation bonus
Those who reserved for a new single 「Stay with me」(any of Type A-C) released on March 11th on the day at the site will get one 「Final handshake ticket ~J-GIRL POP WAVE –LIVE 21050222-ver.~」 (handshake ticket) for each CD on a first-come basis.
※This is a reserved product. Also, you need to pay in advance.

・Starting time of CD reservation 16:00~ (when the doors open)
※Time may change depending on the reasons of the theater's side.
※We will stop giving out handshake tickets as soon as handshake event finishes even if we are still taking CD reservations.

・Starting time of handshake event: After the concert finishes
※It may change depending on the reasons of the theater's side.

Please be sure to follow the following precautions on the day.
If we see any actions that violates precautions or if there's anyone who don't follow the staff's instruction, we may cancel the event or ask you to leave. Please be aware in advance.

To consider the safety of the audiences and the performers as top priority, we may check or keep the belongings of those who attend the handshake event to enforce the security.
We may refuse your participation to the handshake event if you do not cooperate the above. Please be aware in advance.
Also, giving presents or letters to the members directly is prohibited.
We do not set the present box on the site so please send them to the address below.

Izumi Garden tower 1-6-1, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-6027
TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE Official fan club Astalight*(Astalight)
Fan letter team TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE
※Please be sure to write your 「address」, 「name」 and 「member ID」 if you are a member of fan club.

※Handshake event may finish even if there are still people waiting in the line because of the reasons on the theater's side.
※Those who have multiple tickets for handshake event will need to wait in a line again for each ticket.
※Please do not contact the theater directly.
※Leaving your belongings to keep spots and sitting down on the floor are prohibited. The staff may ask you to move.
※Handshake tickets can't be reissued in any situation (even when you lost it or had it stolen).
※Handshake tickets are only valid during the designated period on the day.
※Taking photos, recording, and filming are prohibited.
※Number of CD reservations and handshake tickets are limited. We will finish as soon as we run out.
※Payment is in cash only. You cannot pay with credit card.
※Payment for the reserved items are made in advance.
※Reserved items will be delivered. Therefore, you will need to pay for the shipment as well.
※We do not refund for the reserved CDs. Damaged items can be exchanged with a new one.
※Those who come to handshake even with children older than 3 years old will need to get tickets for them too.
※Please do stay around the theater over night as it will disturb the neighbors.
※Transportations and accommodations are covered on your own.

Avex Music Creative Inc. 0570-064-414 (Weekdays 11:00~18:00)