For those who always support us.(Message from Ayano Konishi)

For those who always support us.(from Ayano Konishi)

As the new year has started, I wasn't sure if I could keep up with Joshiryu who step toward aggressively.
When we held the 5year anniversary concert, I saw the members' smiles and thought from the bottom of my heart, that doing it with the same members, and at the same time, I was satisfied.

When our all shows finished, I decided to take time off for a while because of my backache that I'd had. I was worried about this bad condition might affect in our future.

While I was on break, I could take enough time for focusing on myself and thought if I want to be in this group from now on. Then, I realized that I didn't have confidence to chase the same dream with the other four members while they try to move up to the next level. I would make trouble to them if I continue to be a member in this group with such a halfway attitude. That is why I decided to drop out of this group.

When I first debuted, I was really just a child, sing and dance along joyfully without thinking of anything. But according to my growth, I became unable to sing my song which I used to be confident on as well as before anymore.
I felt uncomfortable all thia time since I knew toughness of singing and dancing along, but time won't stop for me, It keeps moving forward. I can't keep my feeling up and try to run away so many times.
But when I stand on the stage, I saw that I have you fans who still look after me warmly and I really felt happy and enjoy my best moment to sing and dance along with you... I've made it until here.

I really like to perform live concert.

I can be what I am now because I have fans who always look after me and supports me no matter what happens, staffs who face every problems and work really hard for me, and my family who always stay on my side.

Also, my beloved members who faced both sadness and happiness together for 6 years, longer than my own family.

I really appreciate all of you.

I'm so sorry that I can't fullfill your expectations even I've grown up by the love of many people.

From now on I won't lose other members and keep moving forward.
Although I'll be on different way, but I'll look ahead and try my best.

Last of all, I have to say Thank you to all of you guys who have supported me until now.
I really appreciate you and I love you guys so much.

Please continue to support TOKYO GIRLS STYLE.

Konishi Ayano

「To all fans who always support us until now.」