TOKYO GIRL'S STYLE 5th album「REFLECTION」 release party at Niko Niko Main Office on 25th December (Fri) !

Come out and enjoy their talk live and privilege event prior to release and solo live of REFLECTION, TOKYO GIRL'S STYLE 5th album!

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Tokyo girl style, grow to a STYLISH adult girls group! A NEW album for the new challenge from the sound side!

■ Date
Friday, December 25, 2015
Talk live from 19:00 to 19:30
(Admission free, but persons with the priority talk live admission ticket are admitted first)

Privilege society: From 19:40 to 21:00 (privilege society participation ticket required)

『TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE presents LIVE PARTY 2015 FINAL』 which will be held next day at Shinagawa Steraball will be on live completely from the beginning. Don't miss it!

Nikoniko company head company B2F event space
(Ikebukuro Parco B2F 1-50-35 Higashi Ikebukuro Toshima Tokyo)

■Special gift
Autograph giving

※ All the member will give you their autographs on the CD you buy with 1 ticket.
(Only autographs)
※ Note that the autograph will be written on the side of the CD for Type-A and Type-C, but for Type-B, let us write it in the PHOTOBOOK instead of on the CD side because of its PHOTOBOOK specifications.
※ As a matter of administration convenience, please line up in the waiting row with the product in the state taken out of the CD packing film (Type-A, Type-C) or the bag with the seal (Type-B) before your autograph session participation. Please kindly cooperate.

■ Privilege society participation method
We present the guests who have bought a target product in the Head Office B2F Nico Nico shop a privilege society participation ticket for a CD purchase, and a talk live priority admission ticket for a payment at 11:00, 12/25 on the event day.
※ The sale will be finished as soon as we reach the prescribed sale number.
※ The reference number of the talk live priority admission ticket is given randomly.

■ Target product
Tokyo girl style 5th album 「REFLECTION」
released on Wednesday, December.

[First] Type-A [CD+DVD+Smapra]
AVCD-93230/B \4,000(tax out)

[First produced limited]Type-B [CD+Smalra]PHOTOBOOK
AVCD-93231 \4,100(tax out)

Type-C [CD+Smapra]
AVCD-93232 \3,100(tax out)

■Important notes
※Privilege event will be closed when line up ends.
※1 privilege event ticket is only for 1 person valid only on the event day.
※There is no re-issue of the ticket in case of lost, theft, damage of the privilege event ticket.
※It is prohibited to sell ticket illegally, resale, duplicate.
※There maybe change or cancellation without notice due to unavoidable condition.
※The cost of transportation, accommodation etc is on the customer. It applies the same when event is cancelled by any chance.
※ The event organizer, venue, and performers are not responsible in any way for accidents and thefts in and around the venue.
※ It is strictly prohibited to record (photograph, voice and video) on the event day.
※ Please note that the staff may escort you, touching your shoulders and arms, on the special event.
※ You will have to exit the venue if you interfere with the event operation. In the worst case, the event itself may be terminated.
※ Please do not sit down and gather around the venue, as it may inconvenience other guests.
※ We strictly prohibit you from staying overnight around the hall and similar act.
※ On the day of the event, we ask you to follow the instruction of staff at the event and act.
※ We do not have a locker and cloak in the hall. We ask you to be responsible for your personal belongings.
※ Mass media might be in the hall for reporting and filming on the day of the event.
We ask that only those who understand it participate in it.

If someone does not comply with above items, we might stop the event.

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