【Tokyo】[Preceding Tickets Accepted] ☆ Girly Party (Daytime parts ・ Night parts)

Participation decision of women singer Shion Miyawaki sponsored on 「☆Girly Party」 in Tokyo Girls' Style!

The event organized by Female Singer Shion Miyawaki, even Tokyo Girls' Style participate as a co-host! .
Has been decided that 5 girls organized event to invited entertainment as guest!
The name is 「☆Girly (Desire) Party」!

To celebrate the first anniversary, we are offering the performance 'Calling All Comedians' , organised by Shion Miyawaki and Miyu Yamabe!
An event that can all can enjoy is being planned!
In addition, we are also producing T-shirts with illustrations by Miyu Yamabe!

To celebrate the first anniversary, we've invited comedians Dennis and Hazama Ishibashi as guests!
Also, it has been decided that 5IGNAL will be participating as Special Guest Artists in the night session!
Additionally, at the night session we will also be holding a raffle for everyone's chance to win their favourite shoes.


February 27, 2016 (Saturday)
Matinee: OPEN 13:30 / START 14:00
Night of part (women only): OPEN 17:30 / START 18:00

Glad (Shibuya, Tokyo)

★ artist LIVE
Shion Miyawaki Tokyo Girls' Style 5IGNAL (※ night part only)
★ Comedy LIVE
Dennis Ishibashihazama

【At-the-door ticket information]
There are no reservations for at-the-door tickets for the afternoon session when they are sold out.
Tickets for the night session will be sold at the venue entrance, after attendees in line for the opening at 17.30.
Women-only event: 1000 yen (tax inclusive), drinks: additional 500 yen

※Minors under the age of 6 may not participate.
※The night session will be a 'Women-only event' that only women may attend. Therefore, you may be required to present ID for inspection. Please bring a license, student ID, insurance card, or any other ID that verifies your gender.
※ The event organisers will not take any responsibility for your accidents and loss.
※The traveling expenses, accommodation expenses are paid by the customers.
※ In case there were such unavoidable incidents like equipment failure, natural disaster, traffic strike, we would put up the event.
※We do not compensate for travelling expense and other expense if the event is stopped or postponed.
※on the day, mass media such as newspaper and television might take a picture of the event, and you might be covered. We appreciate your understanding in advance.
※On the day, we ask you to follow the staff in the hall and enjoy it.
※We ask that those who are minor participate in it by obtaining the approval of their parent.
If the minor participates in it, we assume that he or she participates in it upon obtaining an approval of the parent.

【Further information】
Avex music creative JSC.
0570-064-414, weekdays only 11:00-18:00