【Tokyo】 [precedence sign-in ] The second ☆ Girly Party (matinee / evening performance)

The 2nd 「☆ Girly Part」

The 2nd show of 「☆ Girly Part」 held in February as complex event will be held.

This is the event which a singer, Shion Miyazaki, who is the organizer, and TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE as joint hosting are going to hold, inviting entertain which demanding girls want to enjoy as guests. The name of the event is 「☆ Girly (demanding) Party」 .

The theme of this time, which is the second time, is 「music+fortunetelling.」
We invite Pleiades Reina-san, who is the foremost apprentice of the famous fortune-teller Getters Iida-san and whose fame as a female fortune-teller who is so beautiful is skyrocketing, as a guest!
On that day, a drawing lots event in which, if you win, you can request Pleiades Reina-san to tell your fortune for free after the events will be held too!

【Date and Tim】
Mar 25th, 2016 (Fri) Open 18:30 / Start 19:00

Morph-Tokyo (Roppongi, Tokyo)

※ Artist LIVE
Shion Miyawaki, TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE
※ Fortune-telling LIVE
Priadis Reina

● Ticket variations
・Ticket A (\3,000) : T shirt / Drink ticket / With \500 discount coupon for T-shirt
・Ticket B (\1,000) : Drink ticket / With \500 discount coupon for T-shirt

※ When you buy Ticket A, please choose T-shirt size (S, M, L)
※ We will guide to inside first starting with those who has A Ticket according to the order of card numbers they have. Those with B Ticket will be guided inside after those with A Ticket.

●Page to purchase the tickets.

※Those under 6 years old will not be able to attend.
※ The organizer of the event will not assume any responsibility for the loss of visitor’s personal belongings or any accidents.
※ Any fee for transportation or hotels should be borne by the visitors.
※ This event will not be conducted if judged impossible to hold due to such as defaults of facilities of the event site, weather, public transportation strikes or any other force majeure.
※ Under such circumstances, we are not in position to reimburse for transportation fee of the visitors.
※ As there will be newspaper, TV or other mass media inside the event site, there is a possibility their photos or video may have your view. Please understand if this happens.
※On the event day, please follow guidance by the site staff and enjoy the show.
※ Underage kids need parental approval to attend the event. We presume attending underage kids have got such approval.

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