It was decided that "predawn / Do not give it up" an internet autograph session will be held on 2/19 (Sunday)!

22nd single「predawn / Don't give it up」web autograph event will be held on the 19th of February.

We will be streaming the event while TOKYO GIRL'S STYLE gives autograph and we will give you a bonus gift of their picture holding the autograph!
Details are given below!
※Autograph will be given on the actual picture.
There will be a video message gift to customers who purchased set of [CD single, CD+DVD, Photo book] !
※Those who purchased the item with special bonus of the moving picture must send the "theme of the talk" to "" until 10:00 on 19th.
Please read important items of the theme of the talk as are listed below and ask a question.
Schedule of Internet autograph meeting
16:00 on February 19th Sunday

※The time it ends is only by schedule, and it is subject to change without notification. We appreciate your understanding.
※We will broadcast the Internet autograph meeting by using LINE LIVE of TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE.
※Please approve TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE live in your friends.
Friend Request →
And you can comment from "LINE LIVE Apps.", so please download it.

■Eligible Item
TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE the 22nd Single "predawn / Don't give it up" (=TGS63/TGS62)
 ★CD+DVD "predawn / Don't give it up" (=TGS63/TGS62)(CD+DVD) 2,160 JPY (incl. tax) AVCD-83783/B
★CD+Photobook "predawn / Don't give it up"(CD+PHOTOBOOK)[Limited Edition for the First Press] 3,000 JPY (incl. tax) AVCD-83784
★CD Single "predawn / Don't give it up" (CD Only) 1,080 JPY (incl. tax) AVCD-83785
※The items are limited. If we run out of stock, the sale will end.
■Details of the special event
"CD single"
→Member's solo signing live photo (with nickname) 1,080-yen (incl. tax)



"CD+DVD, CD single"
→All members signature live photo A (including nickname) 3,240-yen (incl. tax)


→All members signature live photo B (including nickname) 3,000-yen (incl. tax)


"CD single, CD+DVD, CD+photobook"
→All members signature live photo C & comment move included, 6,240-yen (incl. tax)


※ Regarding the sign of the item, we will uniformly put it on the limited live photo.
※ The item with the comment video will be made after the LINELIVE delivery. Customers who purchase it can confirm their appearance on the signing and the answers for the questions in the video.
※ For every purchase, the nickname autographed limited photo and the photo data of members with their signatures are presented.
 ※Regarding the photo data, we will give the information on the separate special album page which customers can download, DM (
※For customers who purchase the item including the special movie, please send the "talk theme" to "" by 10:00 on the 13th.
※Please apply the following as the important points for the talk theme.

★Talk theme important points----------------------
◆Please always send questions to the mail address that you registered at. If it isn't the same mail address, we may not be able to do authentication.
◆Please always include the order number which you ordered the item with in the title of the email.
◆For the talk theme, please send roughly 120 characters. If the sentence is too long, we may not be able to answer your questions.
◆For the customers' personal details, please refrain from things which are difficult for members to answer.
◆Regarding the details, we will check them once and may edit part of them.
◆If you haven't sent the talk theme by the fixed date (Feb 19th, 10:00am), we will decide on the theme and video it.

■Sales period
The sales period is a "pre-sales period" and "real-time sales period".
・Pre-sales period
-Until Feb 19th (Sun) 16:00
・Real-time sales period
During transmission (fixed) . . . The time for the receipt of orders is fixed for during transmission of LINE LIVE
※Sales start time, sales finish time will be announced on official LINE and official Twitter.
※Please be warned that if they are sold out during pre-sales, we won't be able to do real-time sales.
※Regarding real-time sales, there is a possibility that we won't be able to do the signing during the net signing session broadcast, but we will definitely do signatures for the items which the customers have bought and send them to the customer.
■Important points
※The signature written by members is the signature from the registered nickname and the person who wishes to be a member. Please register one that isn't too much or too little.
※For the nickname, use the details that were registered as they were. The details are at the discretion of the member.
※For the signature, in cases where the sentence is long or the details are inappropriate, they may be omitted at the discretion of the staff.
 ※Only the customers who complete the payment in advance are eligible for the signing event. You need to pay attention to the payment by convenience store pay or PAY-EASY to make sure the payment is completed because it would take extra days to confirm the completion of the payment in the real time sales period.
※ As all members will put their signs simultaneously, please note in advance that your nickname cannot possibly be read in a real time manner.
※ When you make payment by a convenience store settlement or a bank transfer after the net signing session, please note that you are not eligible for the privilege.
※ This item is the one for the collective delivery tickets. Please make sure to purchase the delivery ticket for the 22nd target sold at MUVUS by the due date separately as well. In case you do not purchase, it may cost more because of the cash on delivery.