On 28 May (Sun.)'s Odawara Dinacity's release event is decided.

On 28 May (Sun.)'s Odawara Dinacity's release event is decided.


On 28 May (Sun.)'s Odawara Dinacity's release event is performed.

For release event, mini live&reward meeting@ Odawara Dinacity for the 23rd single [water lily ~Suiren~] on 28 May

[Schedule] 28/5/2017 (Sun.) The first round 13:00 ~ The second round 15:00~
To start accepting CD reservation: From 12:00~

[Venue] Odawara Diacity Canyon stage
Odawara-shi, Nakazato 208

[Detail for the event]
Mimi live&Reward meeting (Message card present meeting, Sign&Message card present meeting)
※ The mini live is free and can be seen by anybody.

[How to join]
Mini live is free, anyone can join.

■ Notice for women/children area installation
On the day, for women/children or visitors with children, we will install area for better see for women/children. The front area of seats are for women/children.
On the day, as soon as the seats become full of people, we will close. For the age of children under primary school.
However, for infants, we cannot recommend them because of speaker's sound during the live.
If coming, we would like you to see far from the speaker.

[Content of reward meeting/how to attend]
On the day, at the CD booth in the hall, we will give each reward meeting attending ticket for who reserve it with fully pre-paid for the following items.

You can attend the each reward meeting held after performance with each attendant ticket once for a person.

For each purchase total amount of money ¥2,500 (tax included), we give one sign&message card present meeting attending card.
For each purchase total amount of money ¥1,000 (tax included), we give one message card present meeting attending ticket.

■ Message card present meeting
With one message card present meeting attending ticket, a representative of the member will hand you TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE's message card (printed). You cannot decided who will hand it to you. Please be sure beforehand.

※ The massage card is limited for the day's version. (It is different one from precious ones.)
※ However, we will hand you a message card with out hand-shaking.

■ Autograph&Message card present meeting
With one sing&message card present meeting attending ticket, a representative of the member will hand it to you with the members signs on the message card from TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE (printed). You cannot appoint a member who will hand it to you. Please be noted beforehand.

※ The massage card is limited for the day version. (It is different from the previous ones.)
※ However, there is only signing but not hand-shaking. Also, the sign will be done only on the message card given this time. There is no signature on others. Please be noted beforehand.

[Target items]
5/7/2017 23rd single "water lily ~ Suiren~"/TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE"
AVCD-83883/B SG+DVD ¥2160 (tax included)

AVCD-83884 SG ¥1,080 (tax included)
AVZ1-83885 Initial item limited/event venue limited disk with PHOTOBOOK music card ¥3,000 (tax included)

※ When paid on the day, we accept only cash. You cannot use any credit card, e-money and gift voucher.
Also, we cannot accept to seal on any point card, stamp card.
※ If you want it send to your address, please pay ¥600 for each.

We cannot accept your cancellation which you made an appointment of the items.
Because there may be crowded that day, we cannot accept the way of change items or receipt.

Please make sure to obey the following notices when you participate events.
Please note that we would stop events or let you leave the venue if you act against the notice or you cannot obey our staffs' instructions that day.

(About whole event)
There will be a cancellation of the performance when it's considered impossible to do that in case of something beyond control such as equipment failures at the site, natural disasters, transportation strike etc..
Please contact to following contact information regarding this event. It might cause cancellation of the event if you contact directly to the event site. We kindly ask you not to contact directly.
Mini live is Free admission, but in case there are too many guests, we might limit and reject viewing so please understand.
Excessive call and response, jumping, viewing from aisle which cause trouble for others and tenant are prohibited. Thanks for your cooperation.
When our stuff do some arrangement in the venue, they might touch shoulders or arms of visitors. Please note and approve in advance.
During this event, taking photos or videos, recording are prohibited.
During this event, drinking, particitipating after drinking, smoking anywhere except for designated area are prohibited.
※ Shooting will be there for reporting. Please be noted beforehand that your will be in scenes.
※ Please be noted there may be change of performance content, members or other reasons.
※ In the facility, please enjoy it accordance with staff.
※ Please be noted as we may place small children or disabled persons in the front row preferentially.
※ We prohibit any presents or fan letters directly to the members.
Also there won't be a present BOX on that day at the site, so please send them to following address.

postal code 106-6036 Izumi Garden Tower 36F, Roppongi 1-6-1, Minato Ward, Tokyo
Attn:TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE Official Fan Club Astalight* Fan letter
(Please write your "address""name", and "member number" if you are a member of fan club when you send it.)

(About the site)
Please do not gather and stay through the night at the site as it will be a nuisance to neighbors. There might be a cancellation if we find guests staying over night.
It's prohibited to secure area by putting luggage and sheet etc. at any location of the site. Stuff or/and security will remove those as they find. Also, please understand that sponsors, site operators, performers won't be responsible for those items taken or/and left at the site.
If more than two events are held on the same day, taking the place causes an inconvenience to each event. Please stop it. Even if someone is there, we prohibit you from using a sheet and other items.
When we set an event venue, we might ask you to leave the area of audience.
We appreciate your understanding in advance.

Please do not inquire the venue of the event regarding the event.
It causes stopping of event. If you have a question, please ask it in advance.
We might not be able to answer your question on the day of event.

As it causes an inconvenience to residents in neighborhood, pleased do not wait for the members outside of the hall when they come and go out. In addition, after the event, we ask you not to stay around the hall.
You have to pay for the expense of transportation and staying at a hotel.
If we decide that we cannot hold a concert by unpredictable reason such as trouble of the facility in the hall, natural disaster and traffic strike, we might stop the concert.

(Meeting of special bonus)

The number of CD for sale and participation ticket of each special bonus are limited.
We will close it as soon as we sell them out. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

If you participate in it by accompanying a child who is 3 years old or older than that, you have to pay for the participation ticket of each special bonus of the child separately.
It is expected that a number of customers will participate in the meeting of special bonus. We appreciate your cooperation for smooth proceeding.
Regarding each meeting of special bonus, we prohibit an act other than the one decided.
By putting priority on safety of customer and artist, we might inspect your personal belongings or you might have to leave the belongings to us temporarily.
A customer who has more than two participation tickets of each kind has to stand at the end of the line each time.
We do not reissue participation ticket of each special bonus regardless of the reason (including loss, theft and others). We appreciate your understanding.
The participation ticket of each special bonus is effective only during the hour designated on the day of event.
The hour of the meeting of special bonus is limited. Even if there are people who would like to participate in it, we might stop the meeting by unavoidable reason depending on the situation,
Even in that case, you can neither cancel the item for which you made a reservation nor ask us to refund for the item. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

※Once you reserve or buy items at the event site, you can't cancel, return or request the refund with any reasons. If the items are defective, we can exchange them to the new good ones.

【Contact Us】
Avex Customer Support
0570-064-414 (weekdays 11:00~18:00)

Please come and enjoy( ˆoˆ )/
Let's have fun with Tokyo Joshi Ryu!