[USTREAM] Toujo High School OTM his sales promotion course ''When should I buy it? Right now of course!''. A special that you can not miss before the release.

Broadcast Times: May 19 2014 (Monday) 22:00
The moments before special of the UST program that made the whole United States cry!

A program where the sales promoter of Tokyo Girls' Style, OTM will collaborate with unofficial character Otasuke to give you the latest news on events, merchandise, Tokyo Girls' Style and more !

And maybe staff members will participate also?!
This time's extra feature is called,,,
''You got to see this just before it gets released special''
A segment that focuses on information regarding the single ''Juujika ~Movie [Gakkou no Kaidan - Noroi no Kotodama] Ver. ~'' to be released on May 21.

People planning to watch the program, make sure to make your own fox's window and watch the program through that.

Find out here how to make your own fox's window!

Watch the progragm here!

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