【Regular radio show / Miyu Yamabe】 J-GIRL POP WAVE RADIO

The regular radio show that TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE is on, J-GIRL POP WAVE will start being aired on TOKYO FM!
Miyu Yamabe will be hosting as a regular DJ with Dorothy Little Happy's Komi Hayasaka every Tuesday from 1:30am!

Name of the show: J-GIRL POP WAVE RADIO

Time: Every Tuesday from 1:30am to 1:55am (Wednesday from 1:30pm to 1:55pm)
Miyu Yamabe (TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE) Komi Hayasaka (Dorothy Little Happy)
Saki Shishima (GALETTe) Kana Shirato (Dorothy Little Happy)

3 groups, TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE, Dorothy Little Happy, and GALETTe get together! They are delivering music to the world from Tokyo! J-GIRL POP WAVE will make a new music scene with not only J-POP but also with music all over the world!

Website of the show: http://www.tfm.co.jp/jgpwr/

Twitter hash tag is 「#jgpw」
Twitter account is 「@jgpw」

You can also listen to it on radiko.jp!